Corporate Profile

Qutoutiao Inc. is the No. 2 mobile content aggregator in China in terms of monthly average users (MAUs) and daily average users (DAUs). Our flagship mobile application, launched in June 2016, Qutoutiao, meaning “fun headlines” in Chinese, aggregates articles and short videos and presents customized feeds to users. These feeds are optimized in real time based on each user’s profile, behavior and social relationships through our proprietary AI-empowered content recommendation engine. We represent a new generation of technology-driven content platforms and our technology brings relevant information and entertainment to users, stimulates users’ desire to read, and ultimately improves the knowledge exchange in society.

Since our inception, we have strategically targeted users from tier-3 and below cities in China. Mobile users in tier-3 and below cities tend to have a slower pace of life and spend more time on the Internet given limited offline entertainment venues. These factors contribute to a significant need for mobile entertainment content. Users from tier-3 and below cities also tend to have different interests and preferences than users from tier-1 and tier-2 cities. Qutoutiao’s light entertainment-oriented and easily digestible content is designed to resonate with such users.

Our innovative user account system and gamified user loyalty program allows registered users to earn loyalty points by referring new users to register on Qutoutiao, by consuming content or by engaging on Qutoutiao. The gamified loyalty point system not only helps us keep users more engaged and enhance user stickiness, but also enables us to track users’ long-term behavior and optimize content recommendation.

Covering a broad range of topics, Qutoutiao is focused on humor, stories and other light entertainment content that delight and inspire. In addition to articles and short videos, we plan to diversify our content offerings into literature, casual games, live streaming, animations and comics, creating a comprehensive light entertainment content ecosystem.